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Parents and schools need to work together for the betterment of the students. Parents play an important role in providing support and building the confidence of their children. Parents should check some of the tips or activities they can use to develop their children’s confidence and improve their school experience.

Attention CCPS Families: 

As Clayton County Public Schools educates students in a virtual setting, please be reminded of the following as provided by the Clayton County Public Schools Division of Safety and Security as well as the Department of Student Discipline, Prevention, and Intervention. 

The Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) Student Code of Conduct applies to all students in both the Virtual and Face to Face Learning Environments.  It is a violation of the CCPS Student Code of Conduct to send and/or receive any sexually explicit messages or pictures (Section 22  – Sexual Offenses) regardless of the technological device utilized. Exposing one’s intimate body parts is also prohibited. Any transmission or display of materials that are profane, vulgar, lewd, obscene, offensive, indecent, sexually explicit, pornographic, threatening; advocates illegal, dangerous, or violent acts constitute an infringement of the Student Code of Conduct (Section 23-f). Such behaviors are unacceptable and will be addressed through the District’s Progressive Discipline. The discipline consequence will include supportive interventions and may lead to suspension or expulsion depending on the severity of the behavior, in addition to possible criminal charges being filed by the Clayton County Public Schools Police Department (CCPSPD). 

Clayton County Public Schools strictly prohibits the usage, distribution, publishing, dissemination, and/or displaying of nudity, obscene images, sexual conduct, and any other sexually suggestive material on the district’s network. CCPS’s prohibitions work in conjunction with Georgia State Law where the Georgia Criminal and Traffic Law Manual outlines the violations. Criminal Codes Sections §16-12-80. Distributing obscene material; obscene material defined; penalty and §16-12-199.2. Electronically furnishing obscene material to minors directly addresses the crime(s).

Codes Sections §16-12-80. Distributing obscene material; obscene material defined; the penalty is partially defined as (a) A person commits the offense of distributing obscene material when he sells, lends, rents, leases, gives, advertises, publishes, exhibits, or otherwise disseminates to any person any obscene material of any description, knowing the obscene nature thereof, or offers to do so, or possesses such material with the intent to do so, provided that the word "knowing," as used in this Code section, shall be deemed to be either actual or constructive knowledge of the obscene contents of the subject matter. Therefore, CCPSPD  will strictly enforce the violation(s) of the aforementioned code sections. The strict enforcement shall consist of prosecution of any person (juvenile or adult) through the criminal courts of Clayton County (Superior, State, and Magistrate Courts) as well as the Solicitor’s Office. The district police will also collaborate with the Clayton County District's Attorney’s Office and Juvenile Court (whichever is applicable) to pursue those offenders.        

If you are aware of violators and/or have information regarding the prohibited usage, distribution, publishing, dissemination and/or displaying of nudity, obscene images, sexual conduct, and any other sexually suggestive material, please contact Clayton County Public Schools Police Department (678-479-2650) and a CCPSPD representative will connect with individuals to confidentially receive available information. 

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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